Drone Cadets Announces Partnership with Vets To Drones to Help Veterans Become Drone Instructors for Underserved Kids in NYC and surrounding areas.

Jan 18, 2023
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Middletown, New York January 18, 2023- Drone Cadets is proud to announce a new partnership with Vets to Drones to help veterans become certified drone instructors. The partnership will allow veterans to gain the skills and knowledge they need to introduce STEM and robotics to underserved kids in their local communities through drones.

Through the partnership, veterans will utilize Drone Cadet’s comprehensive drone training program, known as Drone Flight School. The program is designed to give students a thorough understanding of drone technology and safety, as well as the skills needed to successfully operate a drone.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Vets To Drones to give veterans the opportunity to share their skills and knowledge with the next generation,” said Tony Reid, CEO Drone Cadets. 

“Drone technology is a rapidly growing industry, and we believe that by giving underserved kids the opportunity to learn from
veterans, we can help them develop a strong foundation for success in this field.” Mr. Reid is a former NYC Corrections Officer at Rikers Island where he saw a high recidivism among the youth and wanted to break the chain.

The partnership will also allow veterans to work as freelance drone instructors, providing them with a new source of income and the opportunity to give back to their communities.

Tony Reid, CEO Drone Cadets

Vets to Drones is honored to partner with Drone Cadets to help our veterans find meaningful employment and give back to their communities,” said Chris Lewis, Founder and CEO of Vets to Drones.

“We believe that this partnership will not only benefit the veterans involved, but also the underserved kids who will have the opportunity to learn from their experience and service.” Drone Cadets and Vets To Drones are excited to begin this partnership as it will have a positive impact on both veterans and underserved kids in the community.

Drone Cadets overall mission to empower underserved communities worldwide by providing accessible Drone STEM programing to help close the diversity gap in the workforce. A comprehensive program designed to give students a thorough understanding of drone technology, teaching the youth how build, repair, code and successfully operate a drone. Drone Cadets has a pathway for students starting as young as eight years old to post-secondary education with a workforce development initiative. There
work also expands into Re-entry program helping incarcerated and former incarcerated individuals find
sustainable careers in the drone industry.

Chris Lewis, Founder and CEO of Vets to Drones.

Vets to Drones prepares military and first responder veterans to enter the commercial UAS industry and transition into civilian life. The commercial drone industry possesses opportunities that particularly cater to the skillsets veterans bring to the civilian workforce and Vets to Drones is prepared to help each and every veteran make this transition. Each phase of our course is designed to educate new UAS pilots in the craft of UAS operations while simultaneously building the sense of community we desire outside of uniform. Our forward-thinking community not only gives veterans opportunities to find gainful employment in the commercial sector, but also enables us to look forward towards a brighter future for America through UAS technology.


Contact: Tony Reid, Co-Founder and CEO Drone Cadets

Chris Lewis, Founder and CEO Vets to Drones

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