Our Team

Tony Reid


Henze Gustave

Chief Metaverse Officer

Joe Desiderio

Chief Connection Officer

Who are we?

Our Story

In 2016 Sgt. Tony Reid, was a corrections officer at Rikers Island, a jail in New York City, working with incarcerated adolescents 16 to 18 years old. For 8 long years, he witnessed first-hand the plight of young men of color who became the casualties of an environment of poverty, crime, and violence. Many bright young men became ensnared in a life cycle of neglect, drugs, and crime; spending their time either on the street or behind bars. Either place could lead to dangerously grave consequences. 

He began to imagine a way out for these young people and decided he wanted to do something to break the chain.

Our Mission

The Drone Cadets mission is to empower underserved communities worldwide by providing accessible Drone STEM Technology to help close the diversity gap in the workforce.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help pioneer a more diverse workforce by empowering anyone to enter through drone education and training.