NYC VENDOR # VC00236190​
Post High School and Beyond

Adult Program

Lifelong learning opportunities for adults interested in exploring drones or transitioning to a career in the field.

Customized Program

Customized programs for beginners and experienced learners.

Advanced Drone Operations

Advanced drone applications and industry insights.

Networking Opportunities

Networking and career support.

Outcomes and Benefits

  1. Skill development for career change or personal interest.
  2. Access to drone industry knowledge and trends.
  3. Opportunities for networking and mentorship.

Courses Offered in This Program

Drone Flight School

Drone Flight School is the perfect entry-level drone training for reading-age students from elementary school to college.

Cyber Cadets

This program educate students on the potential vulnerabilities of drones and the understanding their intersection with cybersecurity.

Drone Racing Club

Drone Cadets is Bringing Drone Racing to the Hudson Valley and the Greater New York Area. Teams are Forming now and Training for 2023-2024 Competitions.

Drone Light Shows

This STEAM after-school program is open to students starting in 6th grade and is designed to introduce them to the exciting world of drones and programming.