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drone flight school in dallas

Drone Cadets: After-School Program is Back with New Additions!

drone flight school in dallas

We are thrilled to announce the return of our Drone Cadets After-school Program this year! Our dedicated team is eager to gear up the cadets for STEM-based workforce initiatives, setting the stage for students from K-12 to thrive in the ever-evolving drone industry.

What’s New? As the drone industry continues to expand and diversify, we are proud to introduce three additional programs to enhance our cadets’ learning experiences and skills:

Drone Cybersecurity Program: Focus: Equip cadets with the knowledge and skills to safeguard drone technology and data from cyber threats. Activities: Hands-on workshops, real-world scenarios, and cybersecurity challenges.

Drone Light Show Program: Focus: Blend creativity with technology as cadets learn to design and coordinate stunning drone light shows. Activities: Creative design sessions, technical programming, and live light show performances.

VR Drone Cadets: Explore the immersive world of Virtual Reality and learn how it integrates with drone technology.

Activities: VR world creation, drone simulations, and interactive VR experiences.Why Drone Cadets? Our mission is to provide a platform for young minds to explore the potentials of drone technology and prepare them for the increasing opportunities in the drone industry.

The integration of these additional programs will further enrich our curriculum, offering a diverse and comprehensive learning experience.

Get Involved! We encourage parents and students to engage with these new programs. Stay tuned for upcoming information sessions, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or suggestions. Together, let’s make this year’s Drone Cadets After-School Program the most enriching and exciting one yet!

Fly high, learn more, and explore the endless possibilities with Drone Cadets!

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