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From Skies to Seas: Discover the Power of ROVs and Experience the Exciting Opportunities as a part of the Drone Cadets Community

We hope this newsletter finds you excited and ready for some extraordinary news! The Drone Cadets team is thrilled to share some exciting updates that will spark your passion for aerial exploration.

Our Founder, Tony Reid has recently accomplished an incredible feat. He successfully built his very own Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) with the guidance and support of his amazing mentor, Dennis Courtney. The team couldn’t be prouder of their dedication and hard work!

With his newly acquired knowledge and certified training, Tony is leading the charge in launching an awesome initiative — our own Underwater Drone Cadets program! This is our chance to explore the mysteries of the underwater world and share our passion with fellow students and communities. Just imagine the amazing adventures that await us beneath the surface!

Get ready to mark your calendars because we are hosting the highly anticipated MATE ROV Competition in New York City!

This incredible event will unite teams from various schools and organizations, challenging us to showcase our ROV designs and problem-solving skills in thrilling underwater missions. Now, it’s time to put our creativity and technical abilities to the test.

We encourage each of you to participate in this cutting-edge competition, either as a fierce competitor or a passionate supporter. The MATE ROV Competition will be an incredible opportunity to showcase our talents, collaborate with like-minded individuals, and impress a larger audience.

Who knows? This could be the starting point of a lifelong passion for engineering and marine exploration.

As we start on this amazing journey, let’s come together and experience the huge potential of our Drone Cadets program and the MATE ROV Competition. Get ready because we will dive into uncharted waters, exploring endless possibilities and inspiring future generations of pioneers to pursue their dreams, even beneath the waves.

Stay tuned for more updates, including essential dates, registration details, and some additional information to help you prepare for the MATE ROV Competition. Stay connected through our social media channels to keep posted with the latest news and developments.

The sky is no longer our limit—it’s time to explore new depths!

We wish you all smooth flights and exhilarating underwater adventures.

Fly high and dive deep!

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