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A New Era in Disaster Relief: Drones and Reality Capture at the Forefront of Hurricane Ian Recovery Efforts

The aftermath of the hurricane posed a multitude of quandaries. How would families be certain they would receive necessary aid in a timely manner? And how could first responders navigate the hazardous terrain to save lives? Furthermore, how could people effectively track down missing loved ones amidst the chaos? But there was a glimmer of hope in this desperate situation. Drone Cadets rose to the occasion, offering their expertise to assist emergency responders in their valiant efforts to restore order and save lives.

Drone Cadets, a non-profit organization that provides drone technology training to young people in underserved communities, has collaborated with DroneDeploy to map areas damaged by Hurricane Ian. The students of Drone Cadets have been using DroneDeploy’s online mapping capabilities to gather information and create 2D and 3D maps of the affected areas. This collaboration has helped expedite relief efforts, evaluate areas to discharge first responders, and locate missing persons.


The partnership between Drone Cadets and DroneDeploy has the power to transform lives by utilizing DroneDeploy’s efficient photo and map creation capabilities. Organizations like Drone Cadets can expedite insurance claims for hurricane relief, quickly evaluate areas to deploy first responders, and strengthen efforts to locate missing persons.


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