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Empowering Young Minds in Tech: AT&T Summer Soaring Project Takes Flight with Drone Cadets

For this week’s newsletter, we are excited to share that local elementary and middle school students have been introduced in an educational adventure like no other with the help of AT&T Summer Soaring Project.

This summer marked the launch of a remarkable collaboration between AT&T and Good Shepherd Services, a nonprofit organization dedicated to youth and family welfare. Together, they introduced an exceptional free program centered around digital literacy and tech education.

The excitement is in the air as 35 students from nearby elementary and middle schools embarked on this transformative learning experience at two dynamic locations: East New York and Red Hook.

Timothy Tapia, Director of External Affairs at AT&T has expressed his excitement and stated that they are thrilled to partner with Good Shepherd Services to offer this innovative program to students across Brooklyn and this initiative underscores their commitment to fostering valuable opportunities for digital literacy education throughout New York and the nation. By equipping students with essential skills they continuously empower them to expand their horizons and gain profound insights into the world of innovation.

The Prince Joshua Avitto Community Center in East New York became the hub of exploration for the AT&T Summer Soaring Project, running four days a week from July 5 to August 25. Meanwhile, in Red Hook, the program operated five days a week within a NYC Housing Authority development over the same period. While Michelle Yanche, CEO of Good Shepherd Services, shared her enthusiasm for the collaboration.

Throughout the program, students delved into the nitty-gritty of programming, discovered the diverse applications of drones, and mastered the art of drone flight and navigation. The curriculum not only introduced them to the fundamental principles of drones but also exposed them to the captivating realms of physics, aerodynamics, robotics, and electronics.

With the help of our team, Drone Cadets which is renowned for its curriculum that nurtures safe and responsible drone pilots of all ages. The program’s broader objective is to bridge the diversity gap in the tech industry by fostering inclusivity and representation.

The AT&T Summer Soaring Project, in partnership with Good Shepherd Services and our team, Drone Cadets, exemplifies a resolute commitment to empowering the next generation of tech leaders. As these young minds explore the horizons of technology, they also pave the way for a more inclusive and innovative future.

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